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Deceased Estate Clean Up

After a loss there is generally a lot of work to do to.

Not only all the arrangements, but often there is a house full of accumulated stuff to be dealt with.

While things of value can be kept or sold, there are many general items that are of no immediate value.

How We can Help

DUMP IT will remove & recycle everything we can, and all current useable items will be delivered to relevant local charities to help the less fortunate.

Once all the excess is gone from the property, it's ready for whatever you need to do with it. 


We will remove all old furniture and excess rubbish, either for the tenant, the landlord, or the new home buyer. 

Give DUMP IT a call  on 1800 243 348 for any rubbish or furniture that you need removed. We can usually organise a same day removal, and we always try to work around a time convenient with the client. We can sometimes offer an after hours service to remove any last minute rubbish that just cant wait any longer.

Unfortunately sometimes we get called to properties where furniture/rubbish has been abandoned, or where the occupants have just walked out leaving all their collective excess behind. Although generally a rather unattractive situation, we will remove it all quickly and efficiently, so there is only minimal delay for the owners/landlords/new home buyers

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